Letter: In support of Eric Roe

To the Editor:

As the November 6th election approaches, I want to put in a good word for State Representative Eric Roe.  In an otherwise polarized and partisan election cycle, Eric Roe has proven that he’s willing to put people above politics. That’s why he’ll have my vote.

His leadership against unfair gerrymandering is probably the best example of his integrity. In a world where politicians seem so self-serving, Eric proposed a bill to take legislators out of the redistricting process and use a citizen commission to draw district boundary lines instead. He also declined the lavish pension and per diems offered to state reps.

I care about the education of our youth since they are the future of our country.  I read about the historic funding Rep. Roe provided for our schools, and I’m impressed that he did it without raising taxes.  He also fought against raising the sales tax, the personal income tax, and taxes on everyday household items.

I was pleased to hear that Rep. Roe was a co-sponsor on a domestic violence bill that would protect women and children by requiring abusive partners to give up their guns to law-enforcement authorities within 24 hours of being convicted of domestic abuse, instead of the previous 60 days they were given.  The law passed.  Women are safer for it.

Finally, Rep. Roe helped pass the “Stoneleigh Law,” to protect our beautiful and historic open spaces from being seized by eminent domain to be built upon.  We have enough development where I live, and I for one want to protect our beautiful rolling hills and farms.

Keep local politics local; don’t let the noise at the national level distract you. Eric Roe deserves your vote on November 6th, and he’ll certainly have mine.


Kathy Pratt

West Goshen 

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  1. Simon Jessey says:

    Honestly, it doesn’t matter if Eric Roe is the nicest, fairest, most honest human being in the universe. As long as he calls himself a Republican and votes with the Republicans, he is part of the problem.

    Roe is an anti-abortionist, he wants to eliminate the minimum wage that protects low paid workers from unscrupulous employers, he wants a voucher system to fund private schools, and he wants to impose work requirements on needy people who have to claim benefits.

    These are all policy positions that attack women, workers and poorer people. And don’t take my word for it, because these are all things he said in the League of Women Voter’s debate.

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