Letter: Casey and Fetterman must protect Medicare Advantage

To The Editor,

Living in Chester County, I’ve always admired our community’s dedication to caring for each other. This sense of community is echoed in my experiences with Medicare Advantage.

My Medicare Advantage plan has given me access to a quality healthcare plan that supports my unique needs. As a cancer survivor and a grandmother, my health is very important to me. The benefits make it easy for me to get to appointments and pick up prescriptions.

My plan includes at-home wellness visits by medical professionals, which means that I can get the care I need when and where I need it. Without Medicare Advantage, I don’t know if I would be able to afford a healthcare plan that is as good as the one I have now.

I hope that Senator Casey and Senator Fetterman will continue supporting Medicare Advantage and taking steps to ensure its funding. Quality of life for Pennsylvania’s seniors, like me, depends on their continued support.

Marcia Marion

Chester County resident

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