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  1. patrick says:

    news tip=shooting around 6 pm in coatesville

    • Mike McGann says:

      We are aware of the incident and awaiting details from Coatesville PD. As soon as we have details, we’ll share them. Thanks for the tip — always appreciated.

  2. Dawn says:

    In response to the CASD article Mike Mcgann wrote, I do want to say, my daughter is also at CASD and there are more fights than Taschner is willing to admit to. My daughter has witnessed them. There are children who go to guidance for some of their classes because they have been threatened and rather than dealing with the person making the threats, they punish the good student by not letting them go to class for their own safety. I realize I may not have all of my facts verified, and that teens tend to talk big, but I do know that this particular fact is true. I know there are fights in all the districts, but I feel that these children are not being handled properly. Yes, it is good to try and keep them in school, up to a point. When the child is disrupting another child’s learning to the point that they can not be in a classroom together, the problem child needs to go. I will not give names, but I wanted you to know that there are other facts that the school district does not share. One of my daughters friends was telling me about a fight in her classroom. The teacher ended up on the floor because unless there is a second teacher there, they are not supposed to physically separate the persons fighting. STUDENTS broke that fight up. And the teacher was asked if it was a “fight” or a “fight-fight”. Now tell me what the heck the difference is. They students were going at each other to the point that the teacher got knocked down. That is a FIGHT! I am so tired of hearing about all this and listening to my daughter tell me she is not comfortable with the tension at the school. She is getting a great education there, but at what expense?

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