Letter: Walker will work to keep us safe

To The Editor,

This November mid-term is so critical to this county, the State of Pennsylvania and the country that I had to take a few minutes and write to you about the Democratic candidate running for Pennsylvania House District 13.

I have met Sue Walker and worked with her on a few occasions. Unlike her opponent, John Lawrence, Ms. Walker is truly interested in representing the people of the district for which she is running. Her primary focus is the safety and well-being of the men, women and children who live and work here.

How concerned is Lawrence with our safety and well-being? I’d say, “Not very…” but I’ll let his record speak for itself. In the most recent legislative session, Lawrence:

  • Refused to support or co-sponsor the bill requiring universal background checks for firearm purchases. How many more school shootings will it take to convince Lawrence that we need this bill?
  • Voted against a bill to repair bridges and long-neglected roads specifically used by dairy farmers. Is Lawrence waiting for a bridge to fail before using our tax dollars to make much needed repairs?
  • Voted for a bill allowing 200 gallons of crude oil to spill on a property without having to report it. Would Lawrence vote for this bill if a pipeline ran near his property or water supply?

Lawrence did not fight House Speaker Mike Turzai when he ended the most recent legislative session four days early, effectively killing a number of bills that were focused on making Pennsylvania a safer place to live. Among the bills Lawrence tacitly helped to kill were:

  • A bill to protect domestic violence victims from their abusers.
  • A bill promoting fair voting districts in Pennsylvania.
  • An anti-hazing bill aimed at protecting college students who join fraternities and sororities.

Lawrence practices party politics at its finest. Sue’s politics are not bound to her party. They are bound to the people she will serve when elected. When she uses the word constituents, Sue doesn’t just mean Democrats; she means all of the people she will serve, all of us whose needs are currently being so baldly ignored by Lawrence.

Sue Walker puts people first. That’s why I will vote for her on November 6th.


Pat Muccigrosso

Lower Oxford

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