Letter: Don’t be fooled, Barrar doesn’t support gun control

To The Editor,

In the wake of the Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School shooting in Florida, we saw the same cycle of reaction from politicians. A lot of thoughts and prayers were offered. Some possible legislation was floated. But no real action was taken.

Representative Stephen Barrar of the 160th, however, did take action. He co-sponsored House Bill 1400, which would create universal background checks for every gun sale in Pennsylvania. “We are all taken back by this tragedy and are asking ourselves: how can this keep happening?” Barrar explained, in his statement on HB 1400.  

Representative Barrar, to answer you, politicians like yourself are how this keeps happening. Over the last decade, Barrar has been staunchly against House Bill 1400 every time it’s been introduced. He’s been against any type of sensible gun policies. In that same decade, our country has experienced mass shooting after mass shooting. Of the thirty worst mass shootings to happen within modern U.S. history, 18 of them have occured within the last 10 years. This is not a new problem we’re facing. It’s an old one that only has gotten worse with time and technology.

What has changed then? Why has Representative Barrar changed his mind? It’s not because he suddenly woke up and realized that parents are sending their children to school, worried they might not see them again. It’s not because going to the movies now requires a warning before the film to report any suspicious behavior. It’s certainly not because he’s asking himself “how can this keep happening?”

It’s because he knows that the tide is changing. The citizens of the 160th district are no longer willing to accept a entrenched, right-wing politician who is unwilling to take any action to protect our children. He knows that now, more than ever, voters are fired up. He knows the next generations are tired of the thoughts and prayers. He knows his days are numbered if he continues down this path.

Do not be fooled. Stephen Barrar has not changed. He will not be a leader on this issue. He knows that HB 1400 has very little hope of leaving the committee it’s in. And he knows that November 6th is not that far away.

So go vote. And let him know you’re not fooled.

Cathy Spahr

Democratic Candidate,

160th District

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  1. David Cleary says:

    Representative Barrar is getting some extremely positive coverage from the Delcotimes for being the last legislature from Delco to cosponsor the extended background check legislation. I think that is called leading from behind?
    This legislation would not have stopped any of the mass shootings. After last summer’s Congressional baseball practice shooting, Representative Barrar was quoted as saying he was going to rush out and get a “concealed carry permit” to protect himself. See link to new story where he is quoted: http://www.pennlive.com/politics/index.ssf/2017/06/alexandria_va_shooting_gives_p.html
    The time for a gun safety discussion is long overdue and our elected officials need to stop ignoring the elephant in the room. The common denominator in all the recent mass shootings in assault weapons and / or high capacity magazines. Limitations on civilian ownership of these deadly instruments needs to be on the table. Representative Barrar is not capable of having a real discussion on gun safety, he is just running for political cover after the most recent shooting because he has been exposed.

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