Super Six: Mother’s Day edition

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A little early list of hints of what to buy (or ask for)

By Kelly Hockenberry, Columnist, The Times

KellyColumn415RevisedLadies, in order to give the hubbies out there PLENTY of time to get shopping for Mother’s Day, I am doing my Sunday Super Six a little bit early. (See? I’m smarter than I look, sometimes.) I loooooove to share what is on my wishlist and this week’s selections are MUSTHAVES, I promise:

1. “Qwerty”, available on here: Now, this may not apply to the masses, but hang with me a minute. My son is an eighth grader at Patton Middle School and, thanks to the direction of Creative Writing teacher Mr. Kelley, his class has published a novel! Every child contributed one page and $3.60 of every $10.00 book goes to fund the student council! Cool, huh? The point is, invest in preserving something that your child created…be it as simple as framing the card they drew for you (either now or in the past). THAT is what Mother’s Day is all about.

2. Stackable Phrase Bracelet by Hattie Weselyk ∫ LOVE, LOVE, LOVE! Available in either brass or sterling silver, this beautiful bauble can be hand stamped with whatever phrase is meaningful to you (mine says #boymom). Hattie is a local artisan, right here in Unionville, who just happens to sell pieces at Urban Outfitters (no biggie) and hosts classes and workshops in her GORGEOUS farmhouse jewelry studio. The perfect Girls Night Out awaits! Click here to check out her amazing pieces and gather more information on upcoming events:

Mother's-Day-Super-Six-20153. MOTHER jeans: You know that finding the perfect pair of denim is harder than putting sunscreen on a toddler, right? Well, STOP searching. I found them AND they are available right in town at my favorite little boutique, No.109° Dark, white, distressed, boot cut, skinny…you name it, they have it. I love these jeans because they have the perfect amount of stretch and they aren’t so lowrise that you feel like you need to tuck your belly in when you sit down. Did you get the visual? Good, because that’s NOT good and we don’t want to have to do that anymore. OK? Once you’re a mom, you understand. Skin elasticity is never the same again. EVER. YAY Motherhood!

4. Awesomely cool vintage letters: I noticed on Facebook that Brandywine View Antiques†on Rte 1 just got a delivery of these amazing letters! How cool would it be to spell out a word on your family room wall? Or, buy the first letter of your child’s name to hang in their room? OBSESSED. Hurry, they will sell out. I know it.

5. Pamela Barsky Cosmetic Pouch: My lovely girlfriends bought me this bag for my birthday and it made me LOL (probably because it was like it was written for me!). There are so many options, each one funnier than the next. I think they make the perfect Mother’s Day gift.

6. Jenn Bucket Bag from GiGi New York: This bag is stunning. The salmon color is the ultimate springintosummer

hue and the tassels…SWOON. Mommy would be happy to carry it, thank you.

Well, there you have it! As I have suggested in the past….print out my article, laminate it and rest it, ever so gently, on your husband’s pillow tonight. Hint, hint.

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