Letter: Fracking ruling restores power to locals

To The Editor,

Letters1The Pennsylvania Supreme Court has rejected Tom Corbett’s request to reverse the Act 13 decision, which struck down key provisions in the natural gas drilling laws as unconstitutional.

Locally, Newlin Township, the little township that could, stood up, fought back and won in 2012 when these provisions of Act 13 were first struck down. Now all of Pennsylvania has won because of the decision not to reverse the previous decision. 

Under Tom Corbett and the Majority Leadership, Act 13 would have undermined local democracy and taken away local government’s zoning authority.  Communities would have been mandated to allow drilling in all sections of a town; near schools, playgrounds and hospitals. Unfortunately we’re not done yet with Act 13.  Although this ruling means this decision is final, the matter will return to the Commonwealth court as they try to hash out what will happen with other controversial provisions, including the physician’s gag rule regarding fracking chemicals.

Under Act 13’s provisions, doctors would be prohibited from disclosing information they may have regarding chemical exposure to their patients or other doctors. Additionally Act 13 gives gas companies eminent domain authority, something that should be used sparingly, by government with oversight by the people, and never for profit. Finally Act 13 gives different rules when it comes to providing notice to gas well neighbors who have public water vs. private water.

How many billable hours of outside attorney and state employed attorneys have spent on this unconstitutional law? What has the cost in taxpayer dollars been? Not only has Tom Corbett’s administration basically given away our natural gas by not imposing a sensible severance fee, but they have also attempted give unprecedented power to an industry while limiting accountability and transparency to the people.

The Pennsylvania Legislature majority leadership wrote and passed this bill knowing it stripped away Pennsylvanians constitutional rights. Above all else, Legislators should put the people’s rights above corporate greed. The people deserve better!


Susan Rzucidlo

Candidate for the 158th District

of the Pennsylvania House of Representatives

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  1. At last, at last we’re almost free at last. I don’t mean free to be drilled and well quit frankly killed. It doesn’t take a M.D. to figure out what those chemicals can do to you. Free of Corbett. Hopefully free of his enablers the GOP Legislature. The most disturbing part of drilling isn’t because it’ll be near schools, hospitals and playgrounds. These chemicals will get into the water table. That would make Monsanto’s Frankenstein food look healthy. This is a food and water issue and goes against The Pursuit of Happiness. It will affect everyone’s health, doesn’t matter the size of you wallet.

  2. Marice Bezdek says:

    We need people like Susan to stand up and make us aware of undemocratic–even unAmercan–power grabs like this. Do we need any more proof that Corbett’s government is beholden to corporations rather than people? Keep attention on bad laws like these, Susan, and thanks.

  3. Wayne Braffman says:

    Thank you, Susan, for enlightening me about Act 13. It seems like Tom Corbett and the Republicans in the legislature have been hell-bent on giving our Commonwealth away to the corporations and leaving us out in the cold. We can fix that in November. I hope the people in the 158th district appreciate that Susan Rzucidlo is someone who will fight for all of you and elect her as your next representative to Harrisburg.

  4. Charlene McGrady says:

    Thanks, Susan, for fighting to put people and the planet ahead of profit and politics.

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