Boys’ HS Tennis: Unionville edges Oxford

Winning Team  Unionville

Losing Team  Oxford

Score   7 to 0

Singles Matches

Matt Miller (UHS)    defeated    Johnny Fields (OX)      6-0 6-2

Thomaz Bonato (UHS)    defeated    Jacob Horton (OX)      6-2 6-1

Jackson Kerr (UHS)   defeated     Dylan Gerrard (OX)      6-2 6-0

Double Matches

Colin Keenan/Austin Krautzel (UHS)   defeated     Liam Hale/Luke Schoessler (OX)      6-0 6-1

Milan Jain/Shivam Maheshwari (UHS)   defeated     Connor Michael/Simon Maio (OX)      6-1 6-0

Aidan Azar/Jay Param (UHS)   defeated     Drew Fields/Edward Rohrer (OX)      6-0 6-0

Owen Prysock/Andrew Garrison (UHS)   defeated     Dylan Graham/John Sapp (OX)      6-1 6-1

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