Letter: Retiree sees value in investing in AG education, backs Linn

To the Editor,

I am a retiree living in the Avon Grove School District.  As such, I need an educated community and strong public schools.  I believe that Dorothy Linn, the candidate for the Avon Grove School Board in Region 1, is best prepared to meet that need.  I need healthcare professionals and scientists to maintain my quality of health for the next 20 to maybe even 30 years.  I need business professionals and entrepreneurs to deliver a strong economy with new products and innovations for many years to come.  And, I need help with maintenance and construction projects to my home and vehicles.  These needs require a well-educated community, people coming from a strong elementary and secondary program available to everyone.  I want, need, and demand an educated community delivered through strong public schools.

Dorothy Linn, uniquely in Region 1, has the educational experience and training to deliver strong public schools.  She also has the fiscal experience to deliver strong public education in a cost-efficient manner understanding the situation of retirees, grandparents, parents, and students.

I am a real Republican who understands the significant return on value from investing in public education.  Indeed, there are few investments that would make such a positive impact on my quality of life.   Dorothy Linn is the person to deliver that value.

Bob Weidenmuller


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