Chester Co. Dems back Cozzone, Houlahan

After historic electoral wins in 2017, close to 300 Chester County Democratic leaders enthusiastically gathered at Stetson Middle School last night for the annual Nominating Convention. Chester County Democratic Committee Chair Brian McGinnis opened the convention with a recap of the many victories – from PA Supreme Court judges to four County Row Offices — earned over the last two years as the party looks to the 2018 Midterms.

To kick off the evening’s convention, Governor Tom Wolf and Senator Bob Casey, both running unopposed, won unanimous voice votes for endorsements.

Four candidates for Lt. Governor were nominated from the floor – Chester County Commissioner Kathi Cozzone, Braddock Mayor John Fetterman, PA Representative Madeleine Dean and incumbent Lt. Governor Mike Stack. Only Cozzone and Fetterman made speeches at the podium. Once ballots were collected and tabulated, McGinnis announced that Chester County’s Cozzone won the county Democratic endorsement with 62% of the vote.

Citing a desire to bring issues affecting local governments to attention in Harrisburg, Cozzone pledged to be an advocate alongside Governor Wolf as they worked with both political parties.

The race to replace Ryan Costello in the newly announced 6th Congressional District brought two nominations from the floor. Chrissy Houlahan and Elizabeth Moro each took turns at the podium. After the votes were cast, Houlahan, already endorsed by Emily’s List and featured on the cover of TIME magazine, won the Chester County Dems endorsement.

County leaders then formed regional caucuses to hear from their state Senate and Representative contenders. After the votes were counted, the following candidates can boast Chester County Democratic Committee endorsements:

PA 26 State Senate: Tanner Rouse

PA House District 13: Sue Walker

PA House District 26: Pam Hacker

PA House District 155: Danielle Otten

PA House District 156: incumbent Representative Carolyn Comitta

PA House District 157: Melissa Schusterman

PA House District 167: Kristine Howard 

Three caucuses voted to remain an open primary.

PA 74 State House District  Dan Willams, Josh Maxwell, and Frank Pryor

PA 158 State House District: Mark ‘Rick’ Nelms and Christina Sappey

PA 160 State House District: Anton Andrew and Cathy Spahr

For a complete listing of all 2018 candidates running on Chester County ballots, go to

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