Letter: On Borough Council, an apology is in order

To The Editor,
The following is an open letter to my colleagues on the Kennett Square Borough Council:
Dear Doug, Jamie and Geoff,
On January 4th, 2016, all four of us voted to appoint LaToya Myers to an open seat on Borough Council. Since then, she has served with distinction, especially on the Finance and Chief of Police Search Committees, where we have seen her fight hard for the people of Kennett Square. She has earned our trust and respect.
She was born in Kennett Square and has lived here her entire life. She has a long history of commitment and service to our community.
Yet you chose not to endorse her in Tuesday’s election.
I invite you to explain why you believe she has not earned the privilege of continuing her service on Borough Council…and why you endorsed three other candidates with no Council experience and no comparable history of public service.
Better yet, perhaps you should apologize to her when you see her before Monday’s Council meeting.
Wayne Braffman
Kennett Square



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