Kennett Borough Council talks trash

By Eliza Mohler, Staff Writer, The Times

Borough Council member LaToya Myers discusses her proposal for a personnel committee with Council President Danilo Maffei as Mayor Matt Fetick listens.

KENNETT – At last Monday’s meeting of the Kennett Square Borough Council, Borough Manager Joe Scalise gave an update on the proposed tiered-trash removal system. The new plan will allow residents to choose between a 96-gallon, 65-gallon or 35-gallon toter. It will also create a discount program for senior citizens, including a senior financial hardship clause.

Trash removal rates will be calculated based on the size of the toters residents choose, and all new rates will represent a decrease in current fees. Rates will also be based on the number of toters that are used.

“The idea was to try to keep our rates the same for at least the next three years,” Scalise said.

“This program is a direct response to what our constituents wanted,” said council member Ethan Cramer.

The program will cost the borough $15,000, including the purchase of 200 65-gallon toters and 150 35-gallon toters to accommodate the changes.

Vice President Geoff Bosley praised Scalise’s work on the project: “It will decrease our maintenance costs going forward.”

President Danilo Maffei said he appreciates that people can keep the same size toter if they want to. The council approved Scalise’s request to proceed with purchasing the new toters and implementing the plan.

In other news, council member LaToya Myers introduced a resolution to form a council personnel committee, which would serve to address human resources topics that may arise among borough staff that are not currently covered by other HR policies. She said it would also reduce the amount of time spent on HR issues during executive sessions held by council.

“We need to be able to evaluate individuals and make sure that we’re supporting them,” she added.

Cramer spoke in favor of Myers’ resolution. “I believe very strongly that this needs to happen,” he said. “We’ve got things that are happening now, and this needs to be done now,” Cramer added, referring to the fact that Scalise does not currently have a contract with the borough.

Council member Wayne Braffman also supported Myers’ proposal.

“There is no standard evaluation for our two hires, borough manager and chief of police,” he said. “That work has never been done before. We need to do it right, and we need to do it publicly.”

But not all of the council members agreed with the need for a personnel committee. Maffei said, “I believe the answer to this challenge lies outside of this group. I like the concept, but I don’t like the execution. I think it’s too centered on council.” In response to Braffman’s comments, Bosley noted that evaluations have been done in the past.

“In years past, I always did Ed’s review,” Mayor Matt Fetick said, referring to the late retired Chief of Police Ed Zunino. “I can’t answer to the rest of the borough, but I agree that it seems like a good idea to have the committee in place.”

The roll call vote on the resolution was tied (Braffman, Cramer, and Myers voted for; Maffei, Bosley, and Doug Doerfler voted against). Council member Jamie Mallon was absent from the meeting, and Fetick deferred the tiebreaker vote, returning it to council for discussion when the full council is present at the next scheduled meeting on Monday, October 16.

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