KMS library fundraising for ‘makerspace’ creative learning wall

Space will allow students to collaborate, design and use free time to foster STEM inspired learning in a ‘library lounge’ setting


By Kim Chiomento, News Editor, The Times



The proposed space for KMS library’s new ‘makerspace’ design wall. Students pictured here are collaborating on projects with friends. The new ‘library lounge’ style space will offer students an area dedicated to collaboration, design and  foster STEM-inspired learning

LANDENBERG – Kennett Middle School’s (KMS) library is seeking the community’s support with final stages of fundraising efforts for a portable 4’ x 6’ ‘makerspace wall.’ Disney will match community contributions received through this Wednesday, December 16th. The wall will provide a space where students can meet during free time to design, collaborate and problem solve all while hanging out with friends. The new space will capitalize on the popularity of creating intricate Lego building blocks designs, and the timeless appeal of engineering a creative ball run with the most turns, drops, and speed.  Students can apply their talents while also staging friendly competitions to make the most of design challenges.

lego wall

Just one example of a Lego blocks design wall.

KMS’ Tracy Knox credits the school’s librarian, Virginia McGarvey, with making this innovative concept a reality for KMS students, “Ginny learned about the makerspace idea while attending the Pennsylvania School Library Association conference last year. Ginny saw this as a great way for our students to be creative, problem solve and learn to work together in a fun environment outside of the classroom.”

Knox explains, “So far, all of the supplies including Legos, recycled materials, snap circuitry and ball run parts have been generously donated…We knew building the wall would be a costly project outside of our skill set and thought it would make for a great Eagle Scout project, so I reached out to a local Boy Scout Troop 22 and we are very thankful to have been matched with a scout,”  Knox adds,  “The wall will be able to accommodate about ten students at a time and will have two sides.  One side will be covered in sheet metal and will have a supply of sections of magnetic pipes, elbows, ramps, etc. that students can use to design a ball run; the other will be covered in LEGO base plates and students can build out from the wall, or create LEGO artwork.”

To make a donation to help fund building of the wall, and to learn more about the students it will reach, please visit:

ball run

An example of a magnetic ball run design wall.

Alternatively, interested community members can also visit the website, search by school name or project name: Lunch at the Library Lego Lounge.


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