KCSD ‘#ALLin’ – A sneak-peek of back to school happenings

5 new principals, facility upgrades & enthusiasm will greet students Monday


By Kim Chiomento, News Editor, The Times



KHS’ new princpal, Jeremy Hritz, shows his Kennett Pride.

KENNETT – The Kennett Consolidated School District (KCSD) has had a busy summer filled with major administrative changes, facility upgrades and continued focus on academic rigor. As school doors open Monday morning, KCSD will welcome back its students and faculty while setting its sights on making 2015/2016 its best school year yet.

Kennett High School’s new principal, Jeremy Hritz, shared with The Times the district-wide 2015/2016 school year theme ‘#ALLin.’  Hritz explains, “#ALLin is a team concept that powerfully states how we are each ‘all in’ and will do everything we can to help every student within KCSD improve and succeed…we can feel it here at KHS…everyone is excited to be back.”

KMS PTO’s school gift: A new all weather lobby rug showcasing KCSD pride.

This message was echoed by Kennett Middle School’s (KMS) new principal, Lorenzo DeAngelis “#ALLin theme underscores and is a constant reminder of how much we can positively influence kids in the district every day. We will never lower our expectations or limit our interventions to help ensure our students receive the best educational experience possible…Parents of KCSD, we are honored to have your children in our schools.”

Brenna Levi left her KMS teaching position and was hired this summer as a KMS assistant principal; she is the newest member of the KMS’ leadership team.

Levi enthusiastically shared a new KMS and KHS initiative for the 2015/2016 year, “Our elementary schools have implemented responsive classrooms and do a terrific job of rewarding positive student behavior.  We are very enthused to now offer this to our older students with a new P.R.I.D.E program we are introducing at KMS and KHS.  P.R.I.D.E stands for Personal responsibility, Respect, Integrity, Dedication and Excellence.”  Levi continued, “Students will be recognized for going above and beyond to show the key qualities of P.R.I.D.E. and will be rewarded with tickets redeemable for great prizes and rewards.”

april and kids

MD Lang Kindergarten Center’s new principal, April Reynolds, welcomes her students with ‘Pop’ in and meet the principal for popsicles.

Jake Moore is currently KMS’ second (acting) vice principal; the official approval of his position is slated for KCSD’s September school board meeting.

At Mary D. Lang Kindergarten Center, KCSD’s youngest students will also be greeted by a new principal, April Reynolds.  Reynolds, a former KCSD teacher, enthusiastically says, “I am just so happy to be here and I LOVE our students!”

In early August, Reynolds hosted a special event for incoming families on the playground:  ‘Pop’ in and meet the principal for popsicles. “It was a great event and fun to see so many new and familiar families,” says Reynolds.

KMS is committed to retaining and growing its accreditation within the national Schools to Watch (STW) program.  This summer two KMS teachers, Joy Rosser and Brooke Giffi, volunteered to receive training and serve on the national STW assessment team.  Rosser and Giffi will visit other middle schools, evaluate their progress on STW standards, while sharing other best practices with KMS.


Greenwood Elementary’s renovated multi-purpose room.

KMS has  added an additional STEM (Science, Technology Engineering and Math) classroom; increasing its students’ STEM exposure from the previous approximate of 15 days to 45 consecutive days this year, which equivalent to a full marking period.

The KMS Parent Teacher Organization (PTO) gifted its school with a new, all weather lobby rug displaying the KCSD crest and colors. “We love that our students and visitors will feel and see Kennett pride from the moment they step into KMS, to their last step out the door every day,” says DeAngelis.


KHS’ brand new gymnasium floor.

KCSD conducted 37 facilities improvement projects this summer; the largest was the renovation of Greenwood Elementary’s multi-purpose room.  The circa 1960’s room now has air-conditioning, a new ceiling and lighting, refinished floor, an updated stage apron and new stage curtains.

KHS’ gymnasium floor has also been reworked with a new, custom, stained finish incorporating KHS colors and a large, spirit-filled “K” adorning center court.

Visit www.kcsd.org for more information including the district calendar, events and board meeting schedule.





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