Letter: Donze has shown leadership

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To TheĀ Editor,

In the last several weeks, messages from candidates for Magisterial District Judge have highlighted serious community issues and how they each intend to address them if they are elected. The issues resonate with voters who want these problems to be solved. Unfortunately, the problems of bullying, oxycontin and other drug addiction issues, weapons violations and violence in our schools occur at the juvenile and adult levels throughout our seven communities. A District Judge cannot change that.

When reading the intent of the Judge candidates in this race …their focus on changing, improving or addressing these problems, consider the following. First, a Judge is at the end of the line, required to implement the law (with some flexibility) after the crime or episode has already occurred. Second, bringing these serious problems under control starts well before the day in court. Third, addressing these issues starts with the parents, the teachers, the school board Directors and our school policies, and law enforcement officers-all working as a team. So maybe these candidates mean they will now start joining these other levels of the team?

Jane Donze, Esq. is the only candidate not promising to correct these issues if she is elected. She has already been doing it for years. A judgeship is not the position that can make these changes. What it takes is more people like her who have been addressing these issues through community and professional involvement well before announcing a candidacy. Donze has spent her adult life as a leader, an involved school parent, an advocate in various non-profit organizations, a member or volunteer for dozens of juvenile and minority initiatives and events, and an appointed arbitrator and certified mediator in the court system. Pre-candidacy examples are on her internet site at Donze4DistrictJudge. The success of her efforts and influence are best evidenced by having raised two sons of outstanding character who went through our school system, by having the highest ethics rating of her peers, and by having community wide respect for what she has accomplished for our younger generation. Future promises for her means she will continue to do what she has always worked for, with her consistent vigor, commitment and integrity. Because there is always more work to be done. Donze is No.4 on your ballot. Vote on May 16…it matters.

Paula Scott

East Marlborough

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