Woman’s body discovered in E. Coventry pond

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Authorities seek help in ID’ing victim


Authorities are asking for help in identifying a woman dumped in an East Coventry pond Monday. Above are some of the jewelry items she was wearing.

EAST COVENTRY — The body of a woman was discovered Monday in a pond, tied down to a cinderblock and authorities are searching for her identity, who dumped her body and the cause of her death.

“Sadly, somebody threw this woman  away  like a piece of trash,” Chester County District Attorney Hogan said. “Our first job is to identify the victim. Then  we will  find out how she died and who was involved.

Police said a body was reported to township police at 11;15 a.m. in a pond off Zeiber Road — a popular swimming and fishing spot connected to Pigeon Creek. When police attempted to recover the body, they found it tethered to a cinderblock at the bottom of the pond.

Based on interviews of people at the scene, it is believed that the body was placed in the pond somewhere between the night of 29th and morning of the 30th.

The victim is described as an African-American female, aged roughly between 25 and 35. She  was approximately 5’6″ and 130 pounds, with short hair.  She was dressed  in long shorts and a short-sleeved shirt, without any  shoes.  She was found with bracelets on both wrists and rings on her fingers. The rings were of a horse and an anchor.  She had a tattoo on her left shoulder.

Authorities said the cause of death was unclear from the remains — no evidence of a gunshot wound nor blunt force trauma. No signs of strangulation were found, either, they said. It is believed that the woman was dead when placed in the water, as no evidence of water was found in her lungs.

Chester County authorities are working together on the investigation. Anybody with information should contact  Chester  County Detective  Sergeant Tom Goggin at 610-344-6866.


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