New Garden honors Volunteer of The Year

Supervisors recognize Rickerman resident for efforts on township trail projects

By John Gondol, Correspondent, The Times

RickermanNEW GARDEN — Without the efforts of numerous township residents who give their time and passion, life in many area municipalities would suffer greatly. The township took time Monday night to honor a resident for their efforts.

Dave Rickerman stood before an applauding room of his friends and family last night after the township’s Board of Supervisors recognized him as the “2014 Volunteer of the Year.”

Chairman Stephen Allaband gave the proclamation citing Rickerman as a strong supporter and advocate of preserving natural resources.

As a contractor at his own tree service Rickerman, often took the lead on various projects from their inception to completion and is proven instrumental in the planning of each.

Notably his involvement with a nonprofit organization Friends of New Garden Trails allowed for the completion of the Mill Race Trail and Laurel Woods Trail amounting to over two miles of trails open to the public.

The life long member of New Garden Township says he enjoys the camaraderie of the approximate 150 volunteers in their effort with the production of the trails.

“They are wonderful people and great to work with,” Rickerman said.

“When you make a sanctuary people can go to, this is good for society as a whole,” Rickerman said.

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