Lewis tagged as one of ’14 races to watch in ’14’


Harry Lewis Jr., the Republican candidate for State Representative in the 74th District was selected as one of “14 races to watch in ’14” by the Republican State Leadership Committee.

WASHINGTON, D.C. — Harry Lewis Jr. was selected as one of 14 candidates nationwide to highlighted by the Republican State Leadership Committee (RSLC) recently announced as one its “14 in ‘14 Races to Watch” for November.

Lewis, a long-time educator, coach and administrator in the Coatesville Area School District prior to his retirement in 2006, is running against Downingtown Mayor Josh Maxwell for the 74th District state house seat.

The GOP has been working to broaden its outreach to minorities — in part by recruiting more minority candidates, the RSLC said in a statement.

With assistance from the Future Majority Caucus board, co-chaired by New Mexico Governor Susana Martinez and Nevada Governor Brian Sandoval, the RSLC’s Future Majority Project creates a long-term, sustained commitment of significant contributions of time and resources to support and elect more women and candidates that better reflect America’s full diversity.

Through on-the-ground recruitment events, “Diversity in Business” roundtables, meetings with state-based leadership and other trainings, the RSLC has held on-the ground meetings to reach the 2014 goal of recruiting at least 200 diverse candidates. Today’s announcement comes on the heels of most state filing deadlines, showing RSLC efforts total at least 244 diverse candidates in at least 40 states.

Former Puerto Rico Governor Luis Fortuño, who serves on the RSLC Board of Directors and as an advisor to the Future Majority Project, issued the following statement on today’s announcement: “The Republican State Leadership Committee’s Future Majority Project has already surpassed our goals, and these 244 candidates will help build a deep and diverse bench of future leaders to bring common sense principles and smart governance to state capitals,” said Governor Fortuño. “We welcome the continued leadership of Governors Martinez and Sandoval in our efforts to elect these men and women in statehouses across the nation to ensure our party better reflects the country’s make-up.”

“The Republican State Leadership Committee continues to lead the nation in identifying, recruiting and supporting women and a wide range of candidates representing the rich diversity of our nation, and we congratulate the 244 Future Majority Project candidates who said yes to running for office,” said RSLC President Matt Walter. “Our Future Majority Project ‘Races to Watch’ show the RSLC’s strong commitment to implementing a long-term and sustained plan of engagement aimed at growing a new generation of Republican leaders in our states. Together, we will work to elect these leaders to reduce the size and scope of government and help make the American Dream a reality for everyone.”

The Future Majority Project’s “14 in ‘14 Races to Watch” are:

• Tony Rivero, Arizona House District 21

• Young Kim, California Assembly District 65

• Janet Nguyen, California Senate District 34

• Beth Martinez Humenik, Colorado Senate District 24

• JulieMarie Shepherd, Colorado House District 40

• Daniel Diaz Leyva, Florida House District 112

• Max Fowler, Hawaii State House District 27

• Nick Hawatmeh, Michigan House District 25

• Liane Johnson, Montana Senate District 8

• Sarah Maestas Barnes, New Mexico House District 15

• Conrad James, New Mexico House District 24

• Harry Lewis, Jr., Pennsylvania House District 74

• Monique Trudnowski, Washington House District 28

• Jill Upson, West Virginia House District 65


To learn more about the program, visit the RSLC website at http://futuremajorityproject.com

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