Marsh Creek to be ready for occupancy this month

Construction on sixth grade center slated for completion at end of July

By Kyle CarrozzaStaff Writer, The Times

1501088_688228097879354_2841120220156215957_oDOWNINGTOWN – At its meeting Wednesday night, the Downingtown Area Board of Education said that the Marsh Creek Sixth Grade Center should be ready for occupancy at the end of the month.

The ongoing construction projects is wrapping up as well as filling the building with desks, chairs, and other equipment are projected to be finished July 23.

In addition, the Board passed a policy that will help lower income sixth graders to purchase the iPads they will be using for school work. In the district’s effort to integrate technology into education, Marsh Creek students will be issued iPads for use in school. Though not required, students will have the option to complete a three-day instructional program and pay a $75 fee to be allowed to take their iPads home. They can then pay that $75 fee in seventh and eighth grade as well. At the end of eighth grade, students who have paid this $75 fee during all three years will then have the option to pay an additional $50 to purchase the iPad from the district.

The policy passed Wednesday will allow for financial assistance to qualifying students who opt to buy their iPads at the end of eighth grade.

“They’ll have a device to take to high school,” said Board President Jane Bertone.

The Board also approved $590,307 to go toward various capital items throughout the district. These items include repairs to athletic facilities, the purchase of new instruments to replace those beyond repair, a portable sound system, smart boards, iPads, and televisions.

Board Member Carl Croft said that many of the items came at the request of principals from around the district. He said that at the end of the year, principals submit requests to the Board regarding items they think would be helpful in improving their schools. The Board then sets up a committee to review those requests. Should the district have money available at the end of the academic year—as was the case Wednesday night—the approved requests go before the Board to be voted on.

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