Parrish withdraws from 6th race

Trivedi is spared primary fight, will take on Costello in Nov.

By Mike McGann, Editor, The Times


Mike Parrish, who had been a Democratic candidate for Congress in the 6th Congressional District, announced he would suspend his campaign and support rival Mana Trivedi against Republican Ryan Costello.

Mike Parrish, who had been challenging Manan Trivedi for the Democratic nomination for the 6th Congressional District, announced Tuesday, he would suspend his campaign and support Trivedi in his race against Republican Ryan Costello.

The 6th is expected to be among the most-watched congressional races in the country. With the retirement of U.S. Rep. Jim Gerlach,  the moderate-performing district — located in parts of Chester, Berks, Lebanon and Montgomery counties — is expected to be up for grabs this fall.

“I have come to realize that an expensive and contentious Democratic primary fight would seriously risk our party’s ability to win this seat in November to accomplish our goals,” Parrish said in a statement, Tuesday. “I am therefore suspending my campaign in order to join with Manan Trivedi to help ensure that a Democrat is elected in November.”

Trivedi also issued a statement, thanking Parrish for the backing, and changing the dynamic in what looks to be a challenging race against Costello, currently chair of the Chester County Board of Commissioners.

“As a fellow veteran, I first want to thank Mike Parrish for his military service. There is no higher calling to our nation and he must be commended for that,” said Trivedi in his statement. “And it is because of that I am truly honored to receive Mike’s endorsement today. I am thankful for his commitment to our Democratic Party and I look forward to working with him to strengthen our community, our commonwealth and our country.”

The impact of Parrish’s move changes the race. First, it allows Trivedi to conserve funds prior to the May primary and begin his efforts on the November general election. It also allows the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee to get involved in the race and fund raise nationally — a big factor in a race where Costello and the Republicans would appear to have a fundraising edge.

With Republicans already concerned about turnout and voter support due to the current unpopularity of Gov. Tom Corbett at the top of the ticket, the lack of a costly, and potentially damaging primary campaign, could add to further worries in what could rapidly become a bellweather district in the fall elections.


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