Boys HS Tennis: Downingtown East defeats Unionville, 6-1

Singles Matches

Matt Miller (UHS)    lost to    Shriram Madam (2-6, 6-7)

Andrew Ou (UHS)    defeated    Rohan Gargya (4-6, 6-3, 6-2)

Matt Farrell (UHS)   lost to     Soumil Patel (1-6, 5-7)


Double Matches

Ryan Megill/Jack Barrickman (UHS)   lost to     Abhineet Srivastava/Abhiraj Srivastava (1-6, 6-2, 4-6)     


Andy Ye/Nate Butler (UHS)   lost to     Vishruth Madam/Ashwin Natarajan (3-6, 2-6)

Manny Prem/Shivam Maheshwari (UHS)   lost to     Devin McBride/Sachiel Varada (1-6, 1-6)

Tucker Carroll/Jacob Duran (UHS)   lost to     Vidhur Varada/Brandon/Gabrys (3-6, 3-6)


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