Kennett Sq. gets $2 million for Municipal and Community Services Complex

The Pennsylvania Governor’s Office of the Budget awarded the Borough of Kennett Square $2 million from its Redevelopment Assistance Capital Program (RACP) on Oct. 26, 2022 to be used toward the completion of its multi-purpose complex.

The borough purchased several buildings at 600 S. Broad Street with the intention to transform the underutilized space into a comprehensive municipal and community services complex, which will include administrative offices, the police station, and community-service providers. The complex is widely regarded as the borough’s next major step to elevating the borough and helping its citizens. The community recognizes the critical role Rep. Christina Sappey and Sen. John Kane played in promoting the complex and securing funding.

“We are a borough that cares deeply about the future of our community,” said Borough Mayor Matthew Fetick. “To that end our police department and community-service providers deserve a facility that gives them space, infrastructure, and location in the borough to do their jobs effectively and reach our residents. We could not have done this without the enthusiastic support and efforts of Rep. Sappey and Sen. Kane. We are excited for their continued help in improving our community.”

RACP is an annually-available competitive grant program authorized in the state’s budget. It will be used to renovate a portion of the main building to create an accredited police station for the department. The new facility will specifically be designed to address security concerns and provide adequate, safe, and productive space for police operations.

“I am grateful to have been given the opportunity to help the Kennett community secure funds for this important project,” said Rep. Sappey, an advocate of the project. “The complex will help keep crime rates low and provide a bridge between community

members and vital community services. I am looking forward to seeing Kennett Square Borough come together and prosper.

The complex is located adjacent to Kennett High School and is proximate to the other major community service providers and destinations, such as the Kennett Greenway, Kennett Area YMCA outdoor pool, the Kennett Square Farmers Market, Kennett Area Community Services, a kindergarten, and several Birch Street restaurants and breweries.

The borough intends to utilize about 40 percent of the space in the complex for administrative and police functions. They are evaluating several community partners to occupy the unused space in the complex. The borough has issued a request for proposals (RFP) for these ancillary spaces with the intent to provide maximum flexibility in selecting like-minded partners who will bring complementary and community-focused uses to the complex.

“There is so much opportunity at this property, and it will be exciting to view the proposals from interested parties. The complex’s central location offers ample opportunity for successful investment in Kennett Square Borough. I look forward to seeing what services our community will provide in the near future,” said Borough Council President Doug Doefler.

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