Morgan Truck Body to hold hiring event at Coatesville City Hall, April 10

Manufacturing assemblers at Morgan Truck Body.

The City of Coatesville, in partnership with Morgan Truck Body and the Chester County Economic Development Council’s Hire One Initiative, has announced a job fair Saturday, April 10 from 10:00 a.m. to 2:00 p.m. at Coatesville City Hall, One City Place.

Inspired by the successful collaboration between the City of Coatesville and Urban Outfitters last month, which resulted in filling 80 positions, Morgan seeks to fill as many as 150 manufacturing positions at their national headquarters in Morgantown. “This upcoming Job Fair is the second partnership of what we hope to be many more career development and industry collaborations designed to attract motivated job seekers,” says Coatesville City Manager James Logan. “When I met with Brady Bagwan at Morgan Truck Body and learned the reasons he wanted to bring this hiring event to Coatesville, I was pleased we share a similar vision to train and put people to work.”

Ninety percent of the available jobs are hourly manufacturing assembler positions, with no previous experience necessary. Since 1952, Morgan Truck Body has been the premier producer of truck and van bodies in North America, with 14 locations. Morgan employs 800 people in three Pennsylvania locations.

“Our data revealed that more than 80% of our manufacturing labor comes from Berks County and the Reading area. Coatesville is equal distance from our facility, yet we employ very few associates from the city,” says Brady Bagwan, Vice President, Human Resources, Morgan Truck Body, LLC. “Our goal is to build awareness and develop employment opportunities for Coatesville residents. We are a short commute from Coatesville and are excited to provide transportation support as well.”

“When we learned of Morgan’s interest to provide employment opportunities at competitive wages, and their willingness to help with training and transportation, we gathered the people and teams to bring a hiring event to fruition,” says Jim Lauckner, Senior Project Consultant for the Chester County Economic Development Council’s Hire One Initiative. “Working in concert with the City of Coatesville, we collaborated with the Chester County Workforce Development Board, Chester County Career Link, Transportation Management Association of Chester County and the Coatesville School District. Our goal is to help employers and residents achieve hiring and employment success.”

Job Fair Details:

Candidates should go to to book 15-minute appointments on April 10 at the Job Fair where they will have the opportunity to meet with a recruiter. Masks should be worn, and health and safety measures will be in effect. Complimentary refreshments will be provided with an on-site food truck.

  • Offers will start at $14.75 per hour, with experienced manufacturing assemblers earning up to $19.00 per hour
  • Full benefits are provided after 30 days, including a 401K plan and more
  • Two shifts are available Monday through Friday beginning at 6:00 a.m. and 4:30 p.m.
  • Minimum age is 18, and individuals for whom English is a second language are welcome

Job offers will be extended on the spot, contingent on a plant visit to review specific job requirements.

“We prioritize building talent, so team members will receive training, and for those who desire to advance their careers, we provide a pathway to leadership opportunities,” says Bagwan. “In fact, assemblers can be promoted to the next level within their first three to six months on the job, depending on their experience and how quickly they gain skills.”

“This is a step in the right direction that will help close the gap for individuals seeking to return to employment while overcoming challenges presented by the pandemic,” says Patrick Bokovitz, Director of the Chester County Department of Community Development. “The county is collaborating with employers like Morgan Truck Body to reimagine the job market with competitive wages, opportunities for training and accessibility. It underscores the fact that there are good job opportunities in our community right now.”

“We appreciate that Morgan Truck Body recognizes the talented workforce here in Coatesville, and it speaks volumes about their perception of our residents’ character, skill sets and ethics,” says Linda Lavender-Norris, President of Coatesville City Council. “The successful hiring event we held with Urban Outfitters is proof of the willingness of our residents to go to work when employment is made available, and we look forward to similar success with Morgan.”

“We are actively working with the county to determine how we can best provide transportation to those who may need the support,” says Bagwan. “I’m a longtime resident of the 19320 area, and I’m keenly aware of Coatesville’s legacy as a large industrial center with individuals who possess manufacturing skills. As an immigrant to the U.S. and a military veteran, I’m proud of Morgan for embracing both diversity and inclusion as well as second-chance employment programs. Our goal is to develop a highly skilled and sustainable workforce from the communities where we live and work.”

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