Commissioners OK new ethics rules for county employees

WEST CHESTER — The Chester County Commissioners recently approved a new ethics policy for Chester County Government employees.

The Chester County Employee Code of Ethics policy is, as stated, “intended to set forth, and govern, the ethical conduct of all individuals employed by Chester County.” In layman’s terms, the new ethics policy sets clear expected behaviors for those working or serving in Chester County Government.  The Policy references conflicts of interest, political activity, gifts, and misuse of personal services and County property. 

“Chester County employees conduct themselves in an ethical manner and this policy wasn’t created because of any intentional or unintentional activities by our employees,” said Chester County Administrator Bobby Kagel.

“The policy ensures that everyone knows the rules of the game and that everyone is playing by the same rule book.  And by communicating these expectations, it gives the public a level of trust and confidence in County employees. It is a move that the new Board of Commissioners decided was important to enact within its first year of county government leadership.”

The ethics policy includes common sense rules that protect employees from any appearance of impropriety, including gift bans, rules on political activity, ensuring appointments to government bodies or outside activities do not present a conflict of interest, and misuse of County property.  It applies to the Commissioners, to County employees who work under the authority of the Commissioners, and to individuals appointed by the Commissioners to serve on authorities, boards and commissions within Chester County.

Chester County court employees already adhere to the Supreme Court of Pennsylvania’s Code of Conduct.  Row Officers and their staff are held accountable through the Pennsylvania Public Official and Employee Ethics Act – although Row Officers can choose to adopt the Chester County Employee Code of Ethics.

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