Chesco sending letters to voters who requested ‘Permanent’ Vote-by-Mail ballots

WEST CHESTER — By Monday, Feb. 1, staff at Chester County’s Voter Services will have sent letters to all county voters who selected the ‘permanent’ vote-by-mail option for the 2020 elections.  The letter asks ‘permanent’ voters to confirm their preference to continue receiving a mail-in or absentee ballot for both the Primary and General elections in 2021.

The letter is going to more than 115,000 voters in Chester County who requested to be on the ‘permanent’ list of mail-in voters for the 2020 elections.  Sending this letter is an annual requirement of PA Act 77, the bipartisan bill that created the option to vote by mail.

The letter sent by Chester County Voter Services gives four response options:

  1. Complete the online form via a link or QR code provided in the letter to receive ballots in the mail for both elections in 2021;
  2. Complete a paper form included as part of the letter and return it to Voter Services to receive ballots in the mail for both elections in 2021;
  3. Complete the section of the letter that requests cancellation of the permanent vote and return it to Voter Services to remove themselves from the permanent voter list.
  4. Take no action, which means no ballots will be sent in the mail for both elections in 2021.


In the 2020 General Election, Chester County officially recorded 151,149 absentee and mail-in ballots, representing nearly 48 percent of all votes cast. Chester County’s complete voter turnout for the General Election topped 83 percent of all registered voters.


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