Letter: Kudos to Killian for redistricting reform support

To the Editor,

Three Cheers for  Senator Tom Killion who recently introduced legislation in the Pennsylvania Senate to reform the state’s redistricting process.

Under our current system, every ten years, legislators draw new maps for legislative and Congressional districts based on population changes that are identified in the U.S. Census. This secretive process permits the political party in power to draw districts in their own favor based on party registration. This flawed process allows politicians to choose their voters rather than voters choosing their politicians.  This undermines our nation’s democratic process.

Senator Killion’s legislation, S.B. 1023 would establish an 11-member Independent Redistricting Commission to redraw congressional district lines.  Members of this independent commission would be selected randomly from registered voters in Pennsylvania representing both major political parties, as well as voters registered as independents. Companion legislation that Senator Killion has co-sponsored, S.B. 1022, would make similar reforms to how state legislative districts are created.

Thank you, Senator Killion for your leadership and for understanding the importance of a fair, impartial and transparent process for redistricting.

You, who are reading this, can help build support for this effort by contacting your own State Senator and State Representative.  Encourage them to support this much-needed redistricting reform…NOW!


Sally Hillyer

Kennett Square

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