Op/Ed: Preserve law and order in Chester County with Michael Noone

By Christopher P. Gerber, Esq., Special To The Times

Christopher P. Gerber

The election of Chester County’s next District Attorney will be upon us in less than a month. Voters will have to decide which candidate is best qualified to lead the county’s chief law enforcement agency that is charged with the vital responsibility of keeping the public safe from dangerous criminals and the proliferation of illegal drugs that permeate today’s society.

The District Attorney sets the tone for law and order in our county by enforcing the criminal code while safeguarding the constitutional rights of the accused.  In an age when law enforcement is under a constant barrage of attacks by the public and the media, the District Attorney must carefully balance those interests, acting as both a skilled lawyer and a proficient administrator of an office with an 8 million dollar budget and over 100 employees — that includes prosecuting attorneys, staff and county detectives, the “best of the best” criminal investigators.

The candidate who is best qualified for the job is, without question:  Michael Noone.  Mike has overseen the administration of the Chester County District Attorney’s Office as First Assistant District Attorney for the past eight years.  His supervision of more than 7,000 cases annually has allowed Chester County to sustain the lowest crime rate among the Philadelphia suburbs.  Mike has also helped implement important reforms that promote fairness and justice through the expansion of diversionary programs for non-violent, non-repeat drug offenders, implementing best practices for eye-witness investigations, and endorsing the use of police body-worn cameras.

Armed with invaluable practical knowledge and experience, Mike is the only candidate qualified to ensure the seamless continuation of operations without unnecessary interruption of critical services that protect us all from crime and its consequences.

Having represented police officers named in civil rights lawsuits and targeted in internal affairs investigations, I have had the occasion to interact with Mike in his capacity as First Assistant DA.  As such, I can attest to Mike’s integrity and dedication to the fundamental due process rights of anyone accused of wrongdoing, notwithstanding their status in society.

In an age when certain factions of our culture attempt to blur the lines of right and wrong through misguided notions of “tolerance” of destructive and unlawful behavior, Chester County needs a District Attorney who will enforce the law to the fullest extent within the bounds of the Constitution, without bias or prejudice.  That candidate is Mike Noone.

Christopher Gerber, Esquire, is a practicing attorney in Chester Springs who serves as a police civil rights litigator and counselor to municipal police departments throughout the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania.    

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