Piercys win Kennett Sq. CC Platform Tennis doubles title

By Hannah Christopher, Special to The Times

KSGCC.com club champions Todd and Paula Piercy and Runners Up Kim Alicknavitch and Walter Puddifer

EAST MARLBOROUGH — If you happened to drive down Rt. 82 this past Monday you may have seen some people outdoors playing “paddle” on  the mini courts on a day where the temperature was 13 degrees!  Platform tennis is a game that was developed in 1928 and was created so that people could continue playing their racquet sports in all types of weather and get outside during the winter months.  The game is addictive and the sport  is conducive for all ages.  In fact recently at Kennett Country Club the championships for the mixed doubles was held and the majority of the people playing were over the age of 50.

Part of the attraction of the game of Paddle is that you get fresh air and you can play this game off the wires and have points that can last a very long time.  There are plenty of opportunities to learn the game locally.  At Kennett Country Club they offer clinics for young people, and will offer lessons to those interested by our Professionals.   In order to learn the game it is helpful if you have some decent hand/eye coordination but you do not need to be a former tennis  or squash player. Indeed many of the players are older individuals who used to play lacrosse, or field hockey, as well as runners, football players and many other sports.

Last Saturday the Mixed Club Championships were held at KSGCC and the dynamic duo of Todd and Paula Piercy won in a two setter in the finals over Kim Alicknavitch and Walter Puddifer. Todd and Paula are a married couple who played tennis in their younger years at Lehigh University.  Alicknavitch played lacrosse when at University of Delaware, and Puddifer was a former Jockey in the horse arena.

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