Moro declares run for 6th District

Elizabeth Moro

Democratic Congressional candidate Elizabeth Moro has announced that she will seek her party’s nomination and endorsement in the 6th Congressional District. On Monday, February 19th, the Pennsylvania Supreme Court released newly drawn congressional districts after ruling that the previous map ‘clearly, plainly, and palpably’ flouted the state Constitution. Moro, who had formerly been running in the infamously gerrymandered 7th district, made the switch after her home in Chester County was moved into the amended 6th which now comprises all of Chester County and part of Berks County. 

Moro said, “I have always been committed to running in the district where I live, where I raise my family, where I have built a business, and where I have led community oriented projects including the Neighbors for Crebilly campaign. The redistricting has brought a lot of uncertainty to candidates across the state. What it hasn’t done is change my commitment to going to Washington to advocate passionately on behalf of the people of Southeastern Pennsylvania. For too long, working people have been ignored by Republican lawmakers and their special interest allies.” When asked about the party endorsement Moro responded, “I have been running a grassroots campaign focused on engaging with everyday people. I’m not a connected insider with a network of major donors, but I am someone who knows her community, stands up for environmental justice, and believes that the wealthiest Americans should pay their share in taxes. I would be honored to earn the party endorsement, but am committed to running a spirited campaign regardless.”

The primary election is scheduled for May 15th.

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