Lettr: Donze is the choice for District Justice

To The Editor,

Two candidates are in the race for Magisterial District Judge, Jane Donze and Al Iacocca. In all elected positions the voters are the employers, the candidates are applying for the job, the paycheck is nonnegotiable, and the term is fixed. So the Judge we hire, friendships and politics aside, needs to hit the ground running with the understanding and experience of the job, the law, and the community they serve.  And … it is up to the voters to “hire” the best employee for the position.

So what makes Jane Donze stand out from her only remaining opponent?

For Donze, this is not a stepping stone to further her career but the opportunity to apply her accomplishments to a position that deserves it. There is no time for a learning curve.  That is why judges become judges -after the long hard working years it takes to bring their practiced experience to the bench.

Donze has three times the years of experience as a practicing attorney in our local court system compared to her opponent. She has been a resident, volunteer, leader, advocate, and self made law practice owner in our District for most of those years. Her legal experience and lengthy list of community accomplishments speaks to her values, energy, and commitment.

Donze is already coordinating with local law enforcement, probation officers, and youth organizations to address our community’s most pressing juvenile and substance abuse issues. She is not just talking about it. Donze will spend learning curve time in this full-time position on forging ahead to address the important community issues.

Our District is fortunate to have such an outstanding candidate for District Judge. Donze’s all encompassing legal experience, her character, and work ethic will be an asset to our local judicial system and our community.  We need positive momentum from day one, not a “hope” that someone will do a mere decent job while learning the ropes.

Your vote for Jane Donze on November 7 will take us where we need to be. www.donze4dj.com

Ashley Parenti


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