Cache of drugs, weapons discovered in Coatesville home

Man sought in connection with activities at the home

Ronald Smith

Ronald Smith

COATESVILLE — A city man is being sought in connection to a cache of drugs and weapons discovered in his Valley Road home after police and other law enforcement agencies executed a search warrant there on Nov. 11.

City police said Friday that they found “large quantities” of drugs, five firearms, and money after executing a search warrant at the home of Ronald Smith. Police said Smith is still at large and a fugitive. Police said they were able to get a search warrant based on observations of apparent drug dealing out of the home.

“Through good investigative work and utilizing a joint team approach involving the Borough of Parkesburg Police Department, the Chester County Sheriff s K-9 Unit, and the Chester County District Attorney’s Office, the City of Coatesville Police Department’s Vice Unit was able to remove a sizable quantity of dangerous drugs and firearms from the streets of Coatesville,” city Police Chief Jack Laufer said in a statement. “The fight against violent crime most often associated with the illicit drug trade requires a team approach not only within law enforcement, but also with the community we serve. Together we can bring about positive change within the City of Coatesville.”

Authorities said they found heroin, cocaine, and crystal methamphetamine in the home. The firearms, police said, included guns with a 30-round magazine, an extended barrel, and an obliterated serial number.

“The police found the unholy trinity of guns, drugs, and money in the defendant’s house, said Chester County District Attorney Tom Hogan in a statement. “This defendant was poisoning the Coatesville community and was a threat to law enforcement. The streets in Coatesville will be a little safer when we get him into custody.”

Police said that they discovered that Smith’s residence to be heavily  fortified and contained surveillance equipment in it they say is consistent with drug dealing. The front door was reinforced with a steel security bar. There were surveillance cameras both outside and inside the residence, as well as a monitor showing live video feed from the cameras. The defendant’s personal  belongings  and  correspondence  were present throughout the residence.

Inside the residence, police said they found large quantities of cocaine  (both powder and crack), heroin, crystal methamphetamine, prescription  pills,  and  marijuana.  The home also reportedly included digital scales to weigh drugs,  plastic baggies for packaging, and a cutting agent to increase the weight of the drugs. There also was a safe for storing drugs and cash present in the house.

Police said they also located and seized numerous firearms in the home, including: a long rifle with a scope, a revolver with an obliterated serial number, a .357 magnum revolver with an extended barrel, a Tec-9 semiautomatic firearm, and a Colt .380 caliber semiautomatic firearm with high capacity magazines.

Smith is prohibited from possessing firearms under Pennsylvania law, authorities said.

Smith faces charges of possession with intent to distribute drugs, firearms offenses, and related charges.  

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