Letter: Kampf has focused on education

To the Editor:


letters1I want my elected leaders to focus on the issues that are important to me, and no issue is more important than education. State Representative Warren Kampf clearly has made this his priority too.

This year again, Warren Kampf supported a bipartisan budget that set a new record for the state’s commitment to education funding. I said “again” because he has actually voted for higher education funding every year he has been in office; Warren understands that strong kids help kids, help our community attract employers, and even help increase property values. Best of all, he did this without ever raising broad-based taxes.

Warren Kampf also supported a new bipartisan education funding formula that is bring more funding back to our local school districts than they used to receive.

Warren has focused on more than just money to help make our schools better. He has worked to reduce the mandates placed on schools, and supported abolishing the Keystone exams so kids and teachers can focus on learning, instead of just preparing for standardized tests.

Just as important as his record is the fact that Warren is the father of two young children who attend our public schools. That means he is connected to what’s happening and cares about the same things we do.

Representative Warren Kampf has earned the vote of anyone who cares about providing a quality education for our kids. That’s why I am voting for State Representative Warren Kampf on November 8th, and want to thank him for always putting my child’s education ahead of partisan politics.

Dave Gautreau,


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