400 gymnasts compete at KMC Sweetheart Invitational

kmcgymnastics2KENNETT SQUARE — Valentine’s Day weekend marked the 3rd Annual KMC Sweetheart Invitational hosted by the KMC USAIGC Girls’ Team. Close to 400 gymnasts representing 17 teams from across the region participated in the popular two-day event. Athletes competed at copper, bronze, silver, gold and platinum levels on four events: balance beam, floor, uneven bars, and vault. Team, individual, and all around awards were recognized. Outside the temperature was frigid, inside the hospitality was warm and scores were hot.

Precise, performances were delivered by the 47 KMC host gymnasts. Skillfully leading the individual gymnasts and team to victory were coaches Iryna Aliyevska, Jerry Fix, and Don Furrer. Heart shaped trophies lined the entryway as the KMC team results were awarded:   Gold (First Place), Silver (Second Place), Bronze (First Place), Copper 2 (Second Place), Copper (First Place). According to Coach Iryna, “It was an outstanding meet for the team. All around, team, and specialist scores were all high.”

The KMC gymnasts listed below placed in the top three from each level and age group. The score is out of a possible 40.0.

Gold 15 & UP: Leanna Pfeffer 35.60 (1st), Leah Lipsman 33.75 (3rd). Silver 16 & up: Natalie Scheuer 36.15 (2nd), 15: Anna Lipsman 37.30 (1st), 13A: Ashley Torrey 34.95 (3rd), 12: Mary Ellen Roberts 35.20 (3rd). Bronze 13: Victoria Chiusano 36.15 (1st), Mackenzie Deming 35.70 (2nd), 12A: Natalie Lindner 37.35 (1st), Courtney Mettee 36.50 (2nd), Carly Rutledge 36.35 (3rd), 12B: Caitlin Klein 35.10 (3rd), 10A: Cassidy Bonura 36.45 (1st), Lauren Fenstermacher 36.35 (2nd), Cara Steffensen 36.15 (3rd), 10B: Meghan Dunlap 37.60 (1st), Katie Ogurcak 36.35 (2nd), 9: Jenna Lamberth 37.80 (1st), Camryn Brost 37.70 (2nd). Copper-2 11: Lily Steffensen 36.25 (1st), Zen Price 36.0 (3rd), 9-10: Zoe Brown 36.15 (3rd). Copper 11: Caroline Griffis 35.95 (1st), 10: Kendall Rybarczyk 36.85 (1st), Alena Kurtz 36.30 (3rd), 8: Maci Cunane 35.50 (3rd), 7: Abigail Smith 36.80 (1st), Sarah Wood 36.20 (2nd), 6: Gayle Reyburn 36.05 (1st), Sophia Armandi 35.60 (2nd).

Highest all around score for KMC for the entire competition was achieved by Bronze gymnast Jenna Lamberth who scored 37.80. Highest score on an individual event was achieved by Bronze gymnast Camryn Brost who scored 9.75 on the uneven bars.

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