Chester Water Auth. named ‘Conservation Partner’ by Chesco Conservation Dist.

Recognized for efforts to reduce pollutant runoff in Chesapeake Bay Basin and helping to educate local residents


CHESTER – The Chester County Conservation District recently named the Chester Water Authority (CWA) as a key Conservation Partner for the Chesapeake Bay basin.  The designation is a recognition of the Chester Water Authority’s environmental commitment and support for educational efforts to reduce pollutant runoffs in the watershed.


“The Chester Water Authority is proud to partner with the Chester County Conservation District on educational programs and initiatives to increase awareness of environmental issues and to help reduce non-point source pollutants in the watershed,” said Cynthia F. Leitzell, Chair of the Chester Water Authority’s Board of Directors.  “As a supplier of water to more than 200,000 residents and businesses is southern Chester County, western Delaware County, and the City of Chester, clean water and reducing pollutants from runoff are top priorities.”


The CWA stepped up its educational efforts to help address the challenge of increasing levels of nitrates in the surface and groundwater in the Octoraro watershed.  To support the work of the Chester County Conservation District, the CWA purchased an EnviroScape model for the district, a tabletop model that is leant out to schools and classrooms to demonstrate pollution and storm water runoff and its prevention in watersheds.  The EnviroScape model has been used by more than 10,000 Chester County students.


The Chester Water Authority also utilizes Best Management Practices (BMP) on its property surrounding the Octoraro Reservoir, where it draws water from to supply its customers in Chester and Delaware Counties.   The land around the immediate reservoir is forested, decreasing the possibility of soil erosion and non-point source runoff from adjacent lands.



The Chester County Conservation District recently named the Chester Water Authority (CWA) as a conservation partner in recognition of its support. Pictured (L-R) Paul Andriole, Vice Chairman of CWA’s Board of Directors; Anita Martin, Laboratory Supervisor – CWA; Christian E. Strohmaier, Managing Director, Chester County Conservation District; and Sharon Fillmann, Chief of Treatment and Pumping – CWA.

Terraces and grasses were put in place on another portion of the CWA property, which has successfully reduced the groundwater levels of nitrates.  In the process, a prairie meadow has emerged that is now home to a wide variety of wildlife including Northern Harrier, American Bald Eagle, Eastern Meadowlark, Grasshopper Sparrow, Northern (Baltimore) Oriole, Orchard Orioles, Bobolink, and others.


This past summer, the Chester Water Authority also partnered with the Chester County Conservation District in a program to educate area farmers about proper manure management.  The program, funded by a grant from the E. Kneale Dockstader Foundation, included a tour for farmers of the CWA’s Octoraro water treatment plant and discussed best management practices that farmers could use to keep the soil and manure on the land and keep water in local communities clean.


“We are committed to being a good steward of our environment and doing what we can to help educate local residents, farmers, and businesses about the tools and information available to help reduce the introduction of pollutants into the watershed,” said Paul Andriole, Vice Chair of the Chester Water Authority’s Board of Directors and a resident of Chester County.  “Everyone has a role to play in helping to conserve and protect our natural resources.  We thank the Chester County Conservation District for their leadership on this issue and look forward to continue to partner with them on future initiatives.”


About the Chester Water Authority:

The Chester Water Authority is a regional municipal water authority that provides service to more than 200,000 residents and business owners in western Delaware County, southern Chester County, and the City of Chester.  As a municipal authority, the CWA is able to provide water at customer rates that are lower than those of private utility companies.  The CWA takes pride in the fact that it directs a high percentage of funds into its infrastructure for capital projects and proactive maintenance.  That investment in water treatment and distribution infrastructure enables the CWA to deliver quality, service, and value to the community. For more information, please visit

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