Cool gifts to celebrate the dad in your life


From health, to leisure time, these will bring a smile to any dad

By Kelly Hockenberry, Columnist, The Times

Father’s Day is today! Aaaaaah! A homemade card is†delightful but let’s put our heads together and come up with a cool gift to go with it. I love when magazines suggest BBQ sauce as the perfect present for Dad. SO bizarre, right? Would you ever give your mother pancake mix wrapped up with a bow? I didn’t think so. Here are a few items I found on the internet that I think will be a big hit:

● Fitbit Charge HR (click here: ) This particular wristband includes a heart rate monitor, tracks his workout history and has caller ID and a watch! Awesome, huh? It’s a bit pricier than the other versions, but worth it, in my opinion.

● Mitchell Bat Company ® click here: ) Sports paraphernalia on the walls as decor can be very, very bad. However, it can also be tastefully done! Do not get it twisted fellas, I am not suggesting hanging this over the fireplace, or anything drastic; but, these hand painted bats really do become pieces of art. Perfect for an office or man cave. You have to check it out.

Father's-Day-2015● Hammock (click here: ) Lounging is a hobby fine-tuned by the majority of father’s out there. What? It’s true. This beautiful hammock positioned under the shade of a tree in the back yard is like a little slice of heaven. Assemble it and surprise him with the newspaper and a cool drink.

● Polaroid Cube (click here: ) The cheaper alternative to the GoPro! I have never seen one in person, nor do I know anyone with it, BUT, I think for a trendy item it’s the way to go. It is magnetic so it sticks to any metal surface. I am sure that it will find its way onto a golf club in no time flat. Our family will be subject to endless footage of putting videos for months to come…

What is the best gift YOU have gotten Dad? Please, share in the Comment section below.

Happy Weekend!

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