Letter: Hoffman cites reasons to run for Kennett supervisor

To The Editor:

Letters1In the last four years, there’s been a big change in the Kennett Township Board of Supervisors.  Over two elections, voters soundly ousted an ‘old guard’ that ran the township and elected Scudder Stevens and Richard Leff who are committed to transparency and accountability. Since then, the Township checkbook has been put online, a professional audit has been conducted, and the township books now show the real financial position of the township. No more questionable audits and closed door dealing.

At the same time, the preservation of open space has finally become a priority. This has resulted in several major open space deals, including a groundbreaking public-private partnership to renovate the historic Chandler Mill Bridge and create a major new nature preserve with extensive public trails around the bridge.  The township is also now cooperating more closely on economic development, police and fire services, and other regional planning issues with Kennett Borough and other local townships, becoming a major driver in the emerging economic renaissance of the Kennett area.

This November I will be running for Supervisor to make sure these policies continue.  We’ve come a long way in just four years, but there is far more work to do.  As the economy recovers and the Kennett area sees renewed growth, it will be a major challenge to create the necessary infrastructure to support that growth, while still preserving the local way of life we hold dear. Otherwise we still could become yet another victim of unbridled sprawl.

If elected, I will bring new experience and expertise to the Board.  A 10+-year resident of the township, I run my own digital media consulting business here, while my husband and I have raised two children.  While doing so, I’ve become very active in both the local business community and the local school system, where I currently serve on the Professional Development and Technology committees. As a result, I’ve become very aware of the wide range of local and regional issues and challenges that face our community.

My technology and business background also makes me especially aware of what it will take to bring the clean high-tech service jobs to Kennett we need to finance the kind of development we want. For example, I would like to accelerate bringing ultra-high-speed internet connectivity to our community. Not only would this benefit our current businesses, our schools, and every resident, but it would attract exactly the kind of new businesses that foster economic growth without requiring the kind of traditional physical infrastructure that tends to gobble up open space.

I believe we can preserve open space and the nature of our community while fostering more growth. And I believe that, as your Supervisor, I can help make it happen.  But  I need your vote in this year’s May primary and in November in order to do so.

Thanks for your time and attention,


Whitney Hoffman

Candidate for Township Supervisor


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