When too much is, well, too much

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By Kelly Hockenberry, Columnist, The Times

True confessions: I don’t always practice what I preach.

Case in point, how many times have I written about weeding out the clothes/shoes/accessories that are taking up space and collecting dust in your closet? Over the six years “Read My Lipgloss” has been in existence, I would have to guess that it has been my subject approximately eight times.

But, I am not alone. In fact, the majority of my friends complain on a regular basis about not having enough closet space. The ironic reality is, even if I had my act together and washed, dried, and folded all of the laundry at once, I wouldn’t have the room to put it all away. That should be an indication that I have TOO MUCH STUFF. Yet, I feel like I never have anything to wear….hmmmmmm.

Go up to your bedroom right now.

How many of you have a designated spot (a bedside table or chair, perhaps) that is piled high with clothes that won’t fit in a bureau? My hand is raised. Here’s the scary part: I have sole possession of the master bedroom closet (my poor husband build himself a spot in the hallway linen closet) AND the spare bedroom closet and it’s not enough.

I’m blaming the change in season for the resurgence of my anxiety over this subject. Switching warm weather clothes with the sweaters and jackets of fall makes me realize how many articles of clothing went unworn for the entire summer. WHY AM I PACKING THEM UP FOR NEXT YEAR?

You know what? I’m not. I’m NOT going to do it this time.

As this article is being uploaded this morning, I have eight trash bags of clothes in the back of my car to be dropped off to Salvation Army. That is something, right? It’s enough to make a dent but the real issue is resisting the urge to replace the items that I get rid of…

But, that’s a subject matter unto itself that would have at least 20 chapters. And, I realize that your weekend time is precious.

Happy Sunday

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